The Domaginarium is an independent developer from El Salvador, making games for Windows, Mac and Consoles.


The studio was founded in 2011, and it was one of the first video game development studios in the country. In September 2014, The Domaginarium released story-driven horror/adventure game "Enola," on Windows and Mac. A couple of years later, the studio was accepted as part of Sony Playstation's LatAm Incubation Program (no longer available), a program designed to help studios from Latin America develop games for the PlayStation platforms. In 2018, The Domaginarium released "The Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest," the company's first PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita title.

Currently, The Domaginarium is working on other titles and also pushing the game development scene in El Salvador.

Selected Articles

  • "Making violent games in a violent country"
    - Eric Caoili, Gamasutra (Archive)
  • "Courting Controversy With Enola - Sexual Abuse In Videogames"
    - Matt Paprocki, Forbes (Archive)




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