Just Let Me Go is a horror survival game that combines classic horror games and modern stealth gameplay.

Just Let Me Go is a dark and spine-chilling game where players take the role of Amelia, a young woman who awakens in a mysterious house, scared and confused. As she looks for a way out, she finds out the sinister purpose behind her kidnapping.
Amelia needs to escape and evade these dangerous inhabitants, before she meets a fate worse than death.
  • Face menacing foes. The house is inhabited by hostile residents who want to catch you and use you for their own purposes. You have to be smart and use everything at your disposal, as these enemies use their senses to hunt you down, and can react to changes in the environment.

  • Take advantage of the dark. You are harder to see in the dark and you can use this to your advantage by turning off lights to navigate the house more safely and sneak past enemies. Be careful, though, as there are deadly traps around the house and enemies can turn lights back on.

  • Use astral projection. You can pull your soul out of your body, an ability you can use to safely fly around to gather information or look for clues without beeing seen. However, when you do this your body is left on the ground, vulnerable to any attack.

  • Discover a world of immorality and corruption. Immerse yourself in the mysterious house and uncover its secrets, and meet a varied cast of engaging characters.

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