Who are we anyway?

The Domaginarium is a tiny indie game developer in El Salvador (two guys plus anyone else who decides to give us a hand with our games). We share a big passion for games, and we aim at pushing the limits of interactive entertainment by “imagining” and “doing,” as our name implies. We encourage those involved in the games to share their own ideas, as no idea is considered crazy or bad. After all, The Domaginarium is a place built on ideas.


If you haven't bought any of our games, but want to make a donation (or already bought one of our games but want to support us more), feel free to make a donation:


There isn't really a "team" of people since The Domaginarium is a one-man studio, and that man is @magnolia_fan ("somewhat-creative" director, programmer, modeler and animator).

Of course games are not made by only one person, so other artists get involved as they are needed (graphic designers, modelers, audio specialists, etc.). That's why there's a "team" section on each game's profile page.

Press kit:

Press kit